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SmarTest Labs a laboratory testing service provides drug and alcohol screening, DNA & clinical lab testing, corporate wellness programs, DOT Physicals and employment/background screening in the Gaithersburg and Rockville area. We are CLIA and DOT accredited including regulatory governance of all testing processes.


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SmarTest Labs provides quick, clean and accurate services which do not require long wait times and provides a ‘white glove’ environment that is healthy and comfortable for individuals that come into the site.

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Does SmarTest Labs, LLC take insurance?
SmarTest Labs, does not accept medical insurance, although we do accept cash and all major credit cards. Based on the terms of your policy, your insurance company may reimburse the costs of your lab test and payment. Your insurance company can help you understand the terms of your policy.
SmarTest Labs, does accept most health savings account credit or debit cards associated with a major credit card.
How is my Confidentiality managed / Can my results be emailed?
We follow all HIPAA guidelines and state regulations regarding the distribution of test results. We will mail or fax your results to you, or you can pick them up at our lab. We require your written consent to share your test results with any other party. SmarTest Labs, LLC, maintains the highest level of confidentiality standards.
Are my test results stored?
We store all lab results for seven years at a confidential and secure location.

Contact us

For questions, concerns, or requests about any of the services offered by SmarTest Labs, you can reach us at the following locations.
Address: 501 N Frederick Ave, Suite 106
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Contact#: (301) 686-8566

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