Hair Alcohol Test

SmarTest Labs offers a Hair Alcohol Test, read more below:

Hair Alcohol Test and Nail Alcohol tests provide a long retention timeframe in the human body and are sometimes used as an indicator by companies who test for drugs over a longer period of 90 days. We are located conveniently near you in the Maryland metropolitan area, serving WA DC and VA metropolitan area.

SmarTest labs provide both regulated alcohol tests and informational alcohol tests for companies and individuals. Urine alcohol tests must be requested and approved by the requesting agency or donor. Maryland regulations state that those requesting mandated alcohol tests must use hair as their source of the test.

Our testing services for follicle drug tests range from 5 panel hair drug test, 12 panel hair drug test, 10 panel hair drug test and 14 panel hair drug tests.

Hair Alcohol (EtG)

The SmarTest Labs hair alcohol test is one of the most reliable ways to test if a person has consumed alcohol.

  • Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of alcohol consumption and can be found in the hair.
  • This test can determine if someone has consumed alcohol in the past 7-90 days.
  • This is a tamper proof tests as the interior shaft of the hair is where the EtG is found.