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Hormone Health

Hormone health testing is done to detect and evaluate hormone imbalances that may be making a person sick. Hormone health testing is conducted using a blood sample, but some tests require urine or saliva samples. Tests include levels of estrogen, testosterone and adrenal gland hormones, such as cortisol.

Comprehensive Men's Health Panel

This panel to test for a male’s overall general health. It consists of complete blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol, thyroid levels, and more.


Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C)
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Testosterone Free
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Comprehensive Women's Health Panel

Our women’s health panel provides patients with a routine wellness check. SmarTest Labs designed this three-tiered panel for women interested in learning more about their overall health and is appropriate for women at all stages of their lives. It includes blood counts, a metabolic panel covering kidney and liver functions, female hormones, thyroid, heart health, and nutritional status.


Albumin (Alb)
Calcium (Ca)
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
Lipid-Panel - HDl, LDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Total Protein
Urine Analysis
Saliva Hormone Test

This Test is used significantly in discovering any type of hormone imbalance in either males or females. It is a clean and non-invasive test.

In Women – The ovaries produce many of the hormones, which keep the balances with all other hormones in a female body.

In Men – Testosterone determines the balance of hormones in the body. An imbalance can cause issues with bone density and reduced muscle strength and reduced sex drive.

Thyroid Panel

The thyroid gland, located in the throat, secrets hormones that influence development, growth, metabolism, and body temperature. This test screens for thyroid disease by examining your body’s production of the thyroid hormone.

  • Thyroid malfunctions can cause many health concerns if the gland produces too much of one or more hormones (hyperthyroidism) or not enough (hypothyroidism).
  • Individuals experiencing fatigue, weight gain, decreased attention span, and intolerance to cold could be exhibiting symptoms of an underactive thyroid.
  • Individuals feeling of fatigue, weight loss, vomiting, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, or hair loss could be exhibiting symptoms of an overactive thyroid.
  • Left untreated, uncontrolled thyroid hormones can cause nerve damage, heart problems, infertility, and sometimes, even death.
  • The SmarTest Labs Thyroid Test looks for abnormal levels of thyroid hormone molecules (T4, T3, and Reverse T3) called Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH). TSH testing reveals the levels of T4 Total, Free T3, and Reverse T3.
  • The presence of Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies (TPO) indicates that the body is having an abnormal immune response to thyroid proteins.
Free Thyroxine (T4-Free)
Reverse T3 (rT3)
Thyroid peroxidase (TPO)
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Total Thyroxine (T4 Total)
Triiodothyronine (T3-Free)