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Food Sensitivity Test

Learning about their potential predisposition to food sensitivity at the cellular level can empower a person to make targeted changes—both in their personal environment and in how they eat—that can help them live a more comfortable life.

Suggestions for lifestyle and supplement changes are included in a report, providing clear direction for how to manage any food or pet sensitivities.

How does the Food Sensitivity Test work?

The Food Allergy or Food Sensitivity Panels measures the immunoglobulin antibodies in a person’s blood and how a person reacts to certain foods.

Food Sensitivity can be measured using the ALCT 50 Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Panel. It measures the 50 foods that can potentially cause food sensitivity. Some of the foods measured are as follows:

Fruits Gluten products Meats Vegetables
Bananas Wheat Chicken String Beans
Apples Potatoes Beef Tomatoes
Pears Rice    
Grapes Flour of any kind    

Challenges in measuring Food Sensitivity

These examples of food sensitivity are measured but could pose some challenges. Time frames of reactions vary from immediate to longer times of reaction including the volume of the food consumed.

The level of discomfort to food is complicated further as people consume many different foods in a given day. Which food is causing the food sensitivity and reaction is difficult to pinpoint. However, the ALCT panel will provide more insights into what specific food is causing the discomfort.

Food intolerance can manifest itself later in life due to aging, changes in lifestyle and other reasons. Hence, testing for intolerance is key to providing people the best way to manage the intake of foods and avoiding foods that they are sensitive to. Food Sensitivity tests have provided many people significant relief in managing their ongoing food challenges and discomfort.

The tests range from 50 – panel tests to a larger volume of food tests.

Call SmarTest Labs for further guidance on which test you will need to take. We will craft a test that best meets your needs and understand your Food sensitivity issues. Call us to customize your panel and tests.