Lifestyle DNA Tests

Lifestyle DNA Tests are available for individuals that would like to learn more about their personal health and wellbeing.

Skin Care DNA Test

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to skin care products. SmarTest Labs offers a skin care DNA test that analyzes how your genetics influence your skin characteristics. We analyze characteristics such as skin sensitivity, elasticity, antioxidants, pigmentation, collage quality, fine lines and wrinkles and sun protection.

Based on the findings we can help you determine which products will work best with your skin characteristics. This ranges from determining which anti-aging cream or sunblock will work best with your skin to optimal eating habits and hydration regimens that will work best for you.

Healthy Weight DNA Test

According to the CDC, over 1/3 of US adults are obese with a body mass index above 30. An individual’s genetic makeup influences their weight and tendencies toward obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Excess weight can also cause certain kinds of cancer.

  • Healthy Weight DNA testing provides a comprehensive health and wellness genetic test that gives physicians unique insights regarding their patient’s nutrigenetics, medication responses, and many common health conditions.
  • This test also suggests a genetically-matched diet allowing doctors to make specific recommendations to help their patients attain or maintain a healthy weight.
Food & Pet Sensitivity

Learning about their potential predisposition to food and pet sensitivities at the cellular level can empower a person to make targeted changes—both in their personal environment and in how they eat—that can help them live a more comfortable life.

Suggestions for lifestyle and supplement changes are included in a report, providing clear direction for how to manage any food or pet sensitivities

Cow Milk
Pet Dander
Gx Perform: Athletic Performance

The Gx Perform DNA Test gives you insight on your athletic performance and how to enhance your abilities to your full potential.

To do this we examine 15 unique traits for your genetic predisposition in areas such as strength, endurance, VO2 Max, macronutrient utilization and injury risk. Once analysis is complete a report is provided with recommendations to assist you in your diet and training regimens, empowering you to be the best athlete you can be.