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Does SmarTest Labs take insurance?
  • SmarTest Labs, does not accept medical insurance, although we do accept cash and all major credit cards. Based on the terms of your policy, your insurance company may reimburse the costs of your lab test and payment. Your insurance company can help you understand the terms of your policy.
  • SmarTest Labs, does accept most health savings account credit or debit cards associated with a major credit card.
How is my Confidentiality managed / Can my results be emailed?

SmarTest Labs follows all HIPAA guidelines and state regulations regarding the distribution of test results. We will mail or fax your results to you, or you can pick them up at our lab. We require your written consent to share your test results with any other party. SmarTest Labs maintains the highest level of confidentiality standards.

Are my test results stored?
We store all lab results for seven years at a confidential and secure location.
Can I take a test anonymously?
Yes, most tests are available on an anonymous basis. If you choose to test anonymously, you will be required to provide a birth date and/or show your sales receipt to ensure we submit the test results to the correct tested party. We will need a valid ID if you choose to pay for the lab test by credit card (for security reasons), will be using a test result as evidence in court (such as a paternity test), or seeking a corporate drug screen.
How do the Rapid Drug screen and Lab Drug Screens differ?
Rapid drug screens quickly identify the presence and identity of several drugs, providing valuable positive/negative information closest in time to drug ingestion, such as when parents are concerned about possible drug use by children. They are not lab-certified however, and can’t be used as evidence in court. For those types of tests, the results must be certified by a verified lab. For an additional fee, SmarTest Labs will ship positive Rapid Drug Screen results to a lab for certification, and for a Medical Review if requested.
Does SmarTest Labs provide DOT drug testing?
Yes, we provide DOT drug testing and we are DOT certified and compliant.
Can a person get a copy of their DNA results?
Any participant in a DNA test or the legal guardian of a minor participant has the right to receive a copy of the test results. They can relinquish those rights by documenting their choice on the chain-of-custody form at the time of collection, and with the signed acknowledgment and agreement of all parties.
What is the accuracy of the paternity test?

Paternity and DNA tests are 100% accurate. Scientific metrics drive the results of paternity tests and will reflect the accuracy of relationships.
Test results obtained by our DNA testing partner are accepted by the most recognized and accepted governing agencies.

Are paternity tests available for an unborn child?
Yes – The prenatal paternity test used by SmarTest Labs presents no risk to the baby, comprising simple blood draw from both the mother and the alleged father.
Are appointments required for testing?

Appointments are recommended for your testing convenience but we take walk-ins too. There is no requirement that testing requires scheduled appointments. Please arrive 30 minutes before closing for your test if it is end of day.

Do you do DNA Testing?

Yes, we do DNA testing for various DNA testing requirements including immigration testing and family relationship testing, forensic testing and more.

Does my physician get my test results?

We require your consent to report your test results to your doctor. In some cases there are public health requirements that require us to report certain diseases that could spread through the population. In those cases, we are required to disclose the information.