Health & Wellness

Summary of Health and Wellness Tests

A fit and healthy person is often more productive at work and enjoys life more fully. There are many health and wellness tests available to help you achieve your health and fitness best, and most don’t require a doctor’s prescription. 

These tests can identify health concerns that impair your enjoyment of life including allergy, hormone, sexually transmitted disease (STD), overall health, and fitness tests. Their results are often used to help people make better health and fitness decisions. 

  • Health and fitness testing keep a check on the body and how it’s functioning. These tests monitor a person’s physical well-being.

SmarTest Labs offers many health and fitness tests without the need for a doctor’s order, and we can conduct them on-site for you or your employees or in our office.

  • At SmarTest Labs, we provide all the necessary health and fitness tests available to give you insights into your daily and long-term health.