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Skin Sensitivity DNA Test

Everyone’s skin reacts differently as your skin has hormone receptors called estrogen receptors. People who have issues with skin rashes, breakouts and premature aging may have a hormone imbalance.

SmarTest Labs offers a skin care DNA test that analyzes how your genetics influence your skin characteristics. This is a blood spot test that will look at your thyroid and vitamin deficiencies.

We analyze characteristics such as skin sensitivity, elasticity, antioxidants, pigmentation, collage quality and premature aging.

Benefits of Skin sensitivity test :

Hormone levels play a large part in the health of a person’s skin. As people age, their estrogen and progesterone levels reduce and this can cause skin conditions for e.g. wrinkling, acne, reduced skin tightness, baldness, and facial hair specifically for women. These conditions can be managed with hormone replacement and therapies.

Understanding your options in your skin treatment as you age will help with the retention of skin to sensitive reactions and assist in the aging process.

Results of lab results :

The test results can be completed within 2 – 5 business days. It is a lab-based test.