DNA Testing

SmarTest Labs provides DNA testing for DNA paternity tests, DNA maternity tests, and DNA immigration tests. We also offer many other DNA tests ranging from Grandparentage, Siblingship, Ancestry, Peekaboo and NIPP tests. Call us for the specific DNA test that you require. We will assist you through the selection process.

Our maternity DNA test is done when a mother and child or children need verification of their biological connection to a mother. Our DNA paternity test includes paternity tests that include a father and a child or children. This is the difference between DNA paternity vs DNA maternity tests.

Our paternity DNA test clinic and our maternity DNA test clinic are in Maryland, but we serve WA DC, Virginia, and the surrounding DMV areas.

Our DNA test cost are based on industry competitive prices. All our other DNA tests costs are based on industry standards. Please visit our website at smartestlabs.com for all other DNA tests.