Alcohol Testing

SmarTest Labs offers a variety of alcohol tests depending on what type of alcohol test is needed. Our most common alcohol test is a urine EtG which determines if a person has consumed alcohol in the past 48-72 hours. We also offer breath, hair and nail alcohol testing. Hair alcohol testing can go determine alcohol used as soon as 15 days and as long as 12 months ago. We are conveniently located just off 270 in Gaithersburg. We are accredited by Department of Transportation and SAMSHA for alcohol testing and follow strict chain of custody in our testing procedures. We perform alcohol testing for business, employers, court systems, parole/probation and individuals. Our alcohol testers are regulatory trained and re-certified. 

We serve the DMV and surrounding areas. Call SmarTest Labs to schedule your alcohol test appointment.

Urine Alcohol Testing

Organizations of all sizes use urine alcohol testing for a variety of reasons, including human resource purposes, legal cases, judicial hearings, academic settings, and personal needs.

Hair Alcohol Testing

Hair Alcohol Test and Nail Alcohol tests provide a long retention timeframe in the human body and are sometimes used as an indicator by companies who test for drugs over a longer period of 90 days. We are located conveniently near you in the Maryland metropolitan area, serving WA DC and VA metropolitan area.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Tests are available to individuals and employers, including the Department of Transportation.

Blood Alcohol Testing

Blood Alcohol Concentration Tests are available at the SmarTest Labs location, read more about our tests below.