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Three Person DNA Test – Legal

The Three Person Legal DNA (Trio DNA Test) tests are done to determine the genetic make-up of individuals and if their genes are related. The DNA samples are taken from the individual’s cheek swabs and the samples are then compared. The results of this test can be used in court or legal requirements.

How is this test performed?

Most often, Paternity DNA Tests are used to determine whether a potential father is an actual father. The Standard Trio Paternity Test is a paternity/maternity DNA Test that takes samples from three participants – the potential father, potential mother, and the child. The genetic markers are then compared using a scientific method to determine if there is a relation between the various individuals.

Both parents are highly recommended to participate in this test. However, there are times when the mother does not participate but it is highly recommended that the mother does participate to get best results in the Three Person DNA Test.

How are the results reported?

The test results for the Three person DNA test will include the markers for each person, the relationship matrix to indicate how closely the markers relate to each other and the result from this analysis on the percentage of probability that the individuals are related to each other. A 99.999% will indicate a high probability that the individuals are related to each other and a lower percentage than that will indicate an inconclusive result or a non-relationship of the individuals.

SmarTest Labs will provide you the appropriate guidance throughout the selection, testing and results delivery process of your Three Person Legal DNA test. We conduct the test under a strict Chain of Custody to retain the accuracy of the Three Person Legal DNA test results.