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Titer Testing

What is a titer? A titer is a simple blood draw to determine if someone still has antibodies to a particular vaccine, the covid antibody test is a titer for either covid or the covid vaccine.

Titers are used in many different environments, schools use them (mostly private schools) and many colleges, they are huge in sports because of the direct contact and risk of blood exposure, employers use them (big in hospitals).

Titers we do
1. MMR
2. Hepatitis B
3. Varicella
4. TDap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)
5. Tuberculosis

a. Please market this as the QuantiFERON TB Gold test, we do not do the skin test, we do the blood draw. Please also market this as the better test, there is no need for the donor to come back and get their TB test “read” as they have to with the traditional skin test. The QuantiFERON test is a simple blood draw and then we give them the results. People also prefer this because we are not putting anything “in” them as the traditional TB test puts something in their arm that their body reacts to, many people don’t like this.