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Respirator Fit Test

Respirator Fit Testing is done to ensure a mask fits properly around someone’s face and provides proper protection. This is important to ensure harmful environmental toxins do not leak into the mask. Facial hair, weight gain/loss, face shape, etc can affect how a mask fits an individual.

Fit testing is used in a variety of different industries including but not limited to healthcare, construction and manufacturing. There are many different kinds of fit tests depending if you are exposed to an oil based, water based or particulate toxic environment. We currently do fit testing using a variety of N-95 mask. Individuals or companies are welcome to bring any type or NIOSH certified mask they currently use on the job or select one of the various N95 masks we provide.

All fit testing done by SmarTest Labs are OSHA compliant and the medical evaluation questionnaire (MEQ) is reviewed by our medical director.

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