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Healthy Weight DNA Test

According to the CDC, over 1/3 of US adults are obese with a body mass index above 30. An individual’s genetic makeup influences their weight and tendencies toward obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Excess weight can also cause certain kinds of cancer.

  • Healthy Weight DNA testing provides a comprehensive health and wellness genetic test that gives physicians unique insights regarding their patient’s nutrigenetics, medication responses, and many common health conditions.
  • This test also suggests a genetically-matched diet allowing doctors to make specific recommendations to help their patients attain or maintain a healthy weight.

How is Health Weight DNA Tested?

These lab-based tests scientifically check your DNA to determine a weight management regiment. Your genetic make-up will drive your choices in types of food you eat, your required exercise routine. The test is a simple cheek swab that will provide you with your genetic markers that will show you your body type in relation to your weight and metabolism.

With the results of your DNA, you can then customize your exercise routine and your weight loss routines including your food intake, type of food and changes required in your food intake.

It is recommended that once you receive your results of the DNA test, you could choose to share that information with your physician who can assist you in journey to a healthier weight management program.

SmarTest Labs provides customized weight regimen for weight management and improving your overall weight long term. We conduct the test with accuracy and care to make sure you get the right results for your genetic makeup. Call us at 301-686-8566 for more information on learning your health weight DNA needs.