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Paternal Lineage Test – Legal

Paternal Lineage is a comparison of a person’s DNA to the specifically the Y-Chromosome between father and son. Paternal Lineage can provide interesting information about your ancestry, parts of the world that you may be from, Migration patterns and cultural heritage. Your heritage could be a combination of various cultural backgrounds or just a single heritage.

The Y-STR Paternal Lineage DNA Test traces the family lineage through the male, Y Chromosome side of the family. This determines if two or more males are related through their fathers.

• Using Y-STR DNA testing, SmarTest Labs can test an uncle or granduncle’s DNA to determine if a child with no identified father is also a member of that family.
• If the child and that older male share no Y-STR DNA, then that child is not of that family line.
• This is a court admissible test and can also be used for genealogy testing.

paternal lineage