When Do You Need an Immigration DNA Test?

An immigration DNA Test can be a maternity, paternity, or kinship relationship test. Immigration DNA testing can not be done unless it has been requested by USCIS. This test is only performed to prove a biological relationship for individuals intending to immigrate to the United States. All immigration DNA testing follows a strict chain of custody mandates by USCIS during the testing process.

Types of Immigration DNA Testing

Domestic DNA Testing

This is when both parties are currently in the United States. This is a much simpler DNA test because both parties can go in person to get their buccal swabs collected for processing.

International DNA Testing

This is when one person is in the United States and the other individual is in another country. This is very common when one member of a family is bringing another family member to the United States. To do this, the individual who is here (Petitioner) comes in to get their buccal swab collected at SmarTest Labs. Once that individual’s buccal swab is processed, a DNA collection kit is sent to the embassy closest to the family member in the other country (beneficiary). The US embassy in the other country verifies the beneficiary identity, collects the buccal swab and sends it back for processing. Once the kit arrives, the sample is processed and results are sent to you and either the embassy or USCIS depending on where the USCIS case wants results reported.

How does the testing process work?

The testing process is done using a cheek swab also known as a buccal swab. The test must be performed through an AABB-certified laboratory like SmarTest Labs for the appropriate handling of the swabs, accurate testing and reporting results.

You will not be able to use home-based kits for immigration DNA testing.

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