What is Personalized Medicine? Personalized medicine is the science that uses genetic profiles to determine if a specific person can benefit from a medical approach that will pro-actively determine prevention & treatment of conditions.

Your genome or DNA is unique to you. Your genetic make-up guide your growth and development. Your body depends on your genetics to manage and repair your organs and understand your health. It is a critical piece of information that can help the clinical community to guide and manage your health care and make informed decisions.

What is a Gene ?

Your gene is an amazing part of your DNA profile. It is a basic part of all individual’s DNA profile and is similar in almost all people. However, there are part of the genetic make-up that have genes that vary from person to person. This is what makes a person unique.

The difference from person to person is what make the look of a person different to another, changes within the protein functions of the individuals, the color of a person’s hair and eyes and skin. It also determines an individual’s pre-disposition to disease and how to manage potential onset of conditions & the need to manage these situations with clinical intervention.

How does the genetic DNA influence your health?

Your genetic variations will influence your DNA changes. In certain rare situations, the variation of your genetic DNA can cause a medical condition. Some examples of these conditions are sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs and even a pre-disposition to cancer. If there is a family history of these genetic conditions, It is recommended that an individual should consult and test for the possibility of these genetic variations impacting them.

Different methods of genetic testing and why

There are several benefits of DNA genetic testing for the purpose of medical purposes.

  • Pro-active Management of your health
  • This provides you with the ability to determine if an individual is at risk or to rule out the risk of a genetic disorder even before symptoms appear.
  • The ability to manage your health pro-actively will assist in making informed clinical choices to manage a treat your health.
  • Medication Management
  • This will allow you clinical team manage the potential of medication allergies and reactions using your genetic DNA profile.
  • Avoids medical emergencies due to errors in medication administration.
  • Starting a Family

Many couples want to know if they have genetic issues running in their families that will impact their unborn child. This will help couples and medical professionals decide the risk of getting pregnant and the percentage of risk that the disease can impact the baby.

Couples can then decide on a direction about starting their family.

It is important to consultant you laboratory as you approach the idea of DNA genetic testing. A well-established AABB certified lab like Smartest Labs can assist you with the proper selection of the appropriate test for your needs.