Ancestry DNA Testing has become a very popular method to trace ancestry genetic markers. The process is mature and well-established providing accuracy in results.

Ancestry DNA testing provides you with the ability to trace your roots across the globe. You will be able to determine where your family is from and how far back you need to trace the family tree. Hopefully, in the process you will be able to find living relatives that have been long absent in your lives.

How does Ancestry DNA work?

The process is a simple non-intrusive mouth swab that provides a DNA profile from an individual. These genetic markers will then be compared using allelic STR (Short Tandem Repeats) frequencies.

The process will view over 1000 reference populations & over 80,000 genetic markers throughout the globe that relate to a specific individual. The details of these test can go as far as showing an individual which town, city or area of a county a person’s ancestry originated. It is such a great scientific achievement that has many people achieve happiness in finding their roots. No more speculation but scientific reality!

The process of DNA fingerprint testing was invented by Sir. Alec Jeffrey, a well-qualified population genetic scientist who invented the DNA “fingerprint” testing methodology. This further gave birth to other use of genetic testing that was lead by scientist Dr. Eran Elhaik who was a population geneticist. His method and approach have been proved to be accurate by using the samples from Ashkenazic Jews many years ago.


The benefits of DNA Ancestry testing are as follows:

• No more speculation on where your ancestry came from and what populations are you related to.
• The approach is scientific and well renowned and accurate.
• The creation of the profile for testing is done with a simple cheek swab
• Provides an individual with your ancestry and where you or family migrated from or originated from.

SmarTest labs an accredited lab can provide you with much more insight into your genetic profile and your ancestry. We pride ourselves in being a lab that assisted many individuals in tracing their ancestry and bringing joy and happiness to many families. Their joy was our joy!!

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