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There are numerous DNA tests that can be performed. The common request of paternity DNA tests is one of them. However, there are numerous other DNA tests that can test for relationships between siblings, aunts and uncles and nephews and nieces, DNA test for an unborn child and immigration DNA for family relations for migration reasons.

What is a Sibling DNA Test?

A sibling DNA test will confirm if 2 individuals are genetically related to each other. The test will indicate if the 2 individuals are full siblings with the same mother and father, Half sibling with one parent or that they are totally unrelated. This test can be very helpful especially if a parent is deceased or the parent has been absent in the child’s life.

How does a sibling DNA test work?

There are 2 types of DNA tests. There is an informational DNA test and a Legal DNA test. An informational siblingship DNA test will provide you knowledge of the relationship between siblings but cannot be used for legal purposes like inheritance, immigration etc. A legal siblingship DNA test will provide you the ability to conduct relationship requirements in the legal system.

A sibling DNA test is a simple procedure that will take the cheek swab from the siblings and if a parent is involved, a cheek swab from the parent is also taken. The addition of a parent makes for a much more accurate outcome of the test. If a father is not present, and the mother is, then the mother’s DNA will be compared to the children’s and the remaining DNA in the children will be the fathers.

Half and full Siblingship DNA tests can be done to prove if siblings have one common parent or two common parents.

What is the accuracy rate of a siblingship DNA test?

A siblingship DNA is extremely accurate even if 2 parents are not available.  The accuracy rate is based on probability that depends on the statistical outcome of the DNA sample. When two individuals are genetically related, they will have 50% of the same genes. A half sibling only has 25% of the genes of the other individual. The accuracy of this process if better if one parent is involved in the testing process.

Further, siblingship DNA test are not 100% conclusive due to the potential differences in DNA between siblings. The conclusiveness of the results get much better when a potential parent is involved and this is highly recommended if a parent is available and a willing participant in the test.

Ordering a Siblinghsip DNA test

We hope this information provides you with some clarity on siblingship DNA test.

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