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What Is DNA Genetic Testing

Genetic testing done as a DNA test can provide you with an accurate analysis of your genes to determine linkages in your gene connections. IT is a lab based test that can identify mutations of your genes, chromosomes or proteins. This can be used to determine relationship tests and genetic conditions.

Reasons for DNA Testing

Some examples of DNA genetic testing are for determining paternity & maternity linkages, Non-Invasive Maternity tests (NIPP), determining the sex of your child (Peekaboo), Siblingship relations, ancestry determination, genetic reconstruction, grandparent age, ancestry and siblingship.

Most DNA tests are conducted using a check swab. Legal DNA tests must be conducted by a qualified technician.

Categories of Genetic Testing

The various types of DNA genetic tests.

Relationship DNA Testing

Paternity / Maternity Testing

  • Maternity and Paternity DNA tests determine the relationship between the mother, father and child to determine is an alleged parent is actually the parent.
  • Each of these tests can be done as a legal or non-legal test.
  • Legal tests can be used for any form of legal reasons like child custody, determining if a child belongs genetically to a parent.
  • Non-legal tests are informational tests used by individuals for peace of mind and knowledge and information for other personal decisions.

Grandparentage DNA testing

  • This test determines the linkage between a child and a grandparent.
  • It determines if the biological mother of the child and the grandparent is the biological grandparent of the child.
  • This is especially useful if the father of the child is a non-participant in the testing process.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP)

  • A Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) test is used to determine the biological father of a fetus. This test is particularly useful for someone who cannot wait until after childbirth to determine who the biological father is.
  • A NIPP Test can be performed as early as seven weeks into the pregnancy with 99% or greater accuracy.

Siblingship DNA Test

  • The Siblingship DNA test compares the DNA of one person to another person to determine if there is a biological relationship between the two people.
  • The test will assist in determining if the two people have the same biological parents. It will show is they share both parents or one parent or no biological linkage.

Avuncular DNA Test

  • This test will determine if a child is related to another individual who may be an uncle or aunt.
  • The test is commonly conducted when the alleged parent of the child is unavailable for the DNA test.
  • The test is a court-admissible test.

Genetic DNA Reconstruction Testing

  • This test is used to construct the DNA from a secondary source e.g. brothers, sisters, uncles or grandmothers.
  • The test is frequently used when parenthood is in dispute.
  • The test can be conducted as a legal or non-legal test.

Immigration DNA

  • Relationship DNA testing can be used for immigration purposes. Agencies like embassies will assist within different countries to establish paternity, maternity, and other DNA genetic linage for immigration purposes.
  • These tests are governed by the United States Embassy or by the United State Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Forensic DNA Testing

This DNA test will provide you with validation on infidelity issues and unknown substance abuse.

Ancestry DNA

  • This test will provide you with insights on your ancestry and where are from in different parts of the world.
  • GPS origins show migration paths and the history of migration which helps to trace genetic origins.
  • Y-STR Paternal Lineage traces the family lineage through the Y-chromosome side of the family. It determines if 2 males are related to the same father.

DNA testing can also be used for genetic testing of pre-disposed conditions such as Down syndrome, Huntington’s disease, cystic fibrosis, Sickle cell disease, Tay-Sachs and many more.

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