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When to consider Pre-Natal Paternity Testing (NIPP)

This form of DNA testing is done during a woman’s pregnancy. It will test the DNA of the fetus (cell-free DNA) that is found floating within the mother’s circulation (cell-free DNA) and that DNA is compared to the DNA of the alleged father by comparing the DNA sequencing of the father and the child.

There are numerous reasons to consider Paternity testing before the birth of a child. Some of the key reasons are below:

  • Legal aspects of Pre-natal DNA Paternity testing help couples determine child custody issues, financial issues, continued relationships between the couple and the results help determine other personal decisions.
  • Stress relief between couples during pregnancy– many couples need to confirm if the child is theirs. This helps reduce consequences for the mother and child having early delivery and low child birth rates. Studies have shown that stress in pregnant mothers can cause risky outcomes during pregnancy.
  • Defining on going couple relationships – Paternity pre-natal DNA test will help couples find out the father of the child and remove the doubt of a possible second father. This will assist couples determine on going relationships after the birth of the child.

What to expect during the testing process

The paternity DNA test takes a blood sample from the mother that includes the cell-free DNA of the mother and fetus and a cheek swab of the father. The DNA of the fetus is then compared to the DNA of the father to determine if there is a match.

The test sample can also be used to determine the potential for genetic conditions such as Down syndrome.

This is an entirely safe procedure for both mother and baby. It should be done when the mother is at least 7 – 8 weeks along in her pregnancy for accurate results.

The test provides scientific and accurate results.

Choosing the Right Paternity Test

To choose the right Paternity DNA test, SmarTest Labs will guide you in determining the right test. The following are some of the Paternity DNA tests can provide you.

Legal DNA Paternity Testing  – Provides an individual/s with the results for legal purposes like court orders in custody decisions, Forensic determination and relationships between a father and a child.

Non-Legal DNA Paternity Test – Provides an individual with informational knowledge of the relationship between a father and child. This test cannot be used in a court of law as it is focused on personal knowledge only.

These tests are conducted at an accredited lab using a cheek swab or blood draw. Blood use is not as common as cheek swabs.

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